Imaginative beings living imaginary scenarios.
This artwork is a lucid dream of free beings, containers of identities and messengers from other realms.
A place between conscious and unconscious that arises from the desire to give voice to free imagination.
The relationship between man and nature is fundamental in the creation of these creatures and is at the center of the entire 10 minutes artwork.
A journey immersed in an organic surrealism that crosses wholly imaginative atmospheres that reflect the 4 natural elements.
The viewer, of any age, is invited to be transported among the colors, images, sound and his own sensations.



Alice Felloni is a visual artist who has focused her interest since 2009 on digital art in the field of video projections.

Her digital knowledge is born in Berlin and extends across Europe to Central America where she works and lives for a period of her life. This allows her to expand and space her skills among the various and different artistic sensibilities with which she works and gets in touch.

From architectural video mapping to visual art up to stage mapping working for well-known brands such as Heineken, Formula E, Fendi, Sky and many others;

She also deals with the artistic part as a video designer in the entertainment world of the Italian music scene.

In 2016 she wins the 1st prize of the vj contest of video art of the Signal Festival in Prague.

From 2016 to today she is a professor at the IED University of Rome.

She teaches visual art and architectural videomapping in the university course of video design and media design.