Dreams color


The “blank” canvas. A moment that every artist, invaded by his own fears, faces. This immersive show will reproduce this particular experience. By alternating moments of higher or lower tension, space will be given to facial forms and volumes that stand out from the original blank canvas. Plastic works will begin to form in the canvases contained in the frames, establishing a dialogue with each other, with the woman as central theme. Finally, an explosion of colour will overwhelm everything ostentatiously.


Ángel Sandimas & Amaya Madrigal

Ángel Sandimas is a versatile artist producing content for architectural spaces, museums and FX for audiovisual shows. Specialized in the design and development of mapping projects, he produced many internationally awarded works during his long career.


Amaya Madrigal is a Graduate in Fine Arts, she has accumulated several awards and exhibitions in her artistic career, combining them with teaching.

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