Space Microscope is a visual interactive installation giving the audience the experience of moving among the spatial floating reflections, lights and molecules of the universe, while they are watching the video art on the screen, they are free to walk through the video reflections. To get a spacious immersive environment I used rounded mirrors attached to the ceiling, mirrors are free to spin so they receive and reflect the video different sequences of the outer spaces.


Space Microscope consists of six video art sequences that captured a fictional six spaces also held imagined names created especially for it, The massive blue, Ocean eye, Icy Nibo, Water clouds, Matix Hills, solar cores. This visual abstract material is designed especially for the concept, and it’s all made up of simple materials from our daily life, in another hand, the musical backgrounds I used were real space sounds recorded by Nasa Organization, and it’s available for the public on their official website.


The video installation of “Space Microscope” is designed to give an immersive feeling of space and lights reflections by using mirrors and small beads to give an essence of the cosmic dust and floating molecules.



Originally from Orléans, Jérémie Bellot studied Cinema as well as Architecture studies in Grenoble then Strasbourg, he became State Architect and devoted himself to his artistic practice. Architect and digital artist, co-founder of the AV-Extended collective in 2012, specializing in architectural projection mapping and light installations.