Witness the convergence of the natural and digital realms with ‘Data.ism’; an experimental immersive show. ‘Data.ism’ draws attention to the impact of human activities on climate change, deforestation and water scarcity, by perceiving this data through a new lens. By connecting the theories of Darwin and Turing, ‘Data.ism’ goes beyond mere visualization; it metamorphoses data into a captivating spectacle, redefining how we interact with information. The show bridges the gap between raw data and tangible reality urging us to translate awareness into meaningful impact.


blit. studio

blit. is the creative studio that makes straight lines dance.

With a team of skilled animators, editors, and creative producers, they specialise in transforming spaces into mesmerizing spectacles and producing memorable content on their clients and audiences.

For 8 years they have been bringing visual rhythm to dance floors and beyond, creating content for brands, events, music and art.

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