« This work is the story of a ritual that our spirit practices after our death. Our soul finds itself alone in a world created by different fragments of beliefs and mysteries, we will find ourselves soliciting in contradictory and contrarian ways in dark worlds where the Power is full of darkness, but also in the elevation and ascent towards eternal life. »



Pierre-Yves TOULOT – Founder, Creation Director
Pierre-Yves leitmotif is to look further than what is possible. Ease bores him, especially since his goal is to surprise audiences with his audiovisual, light and architectural creations. A taste for self-transcendence that he expresses from his meticulous studies at ENSATT.
These gave him the foot in the stirrup of an artistic and technical career which then began in light design for live shows. It is a few years later that he will flourish his profession in the art of
architectural, monumental projection. He is now a reference in the profession, hence his hat as a consultant for the shows of Futuroscope, the Grand Parc du Puy du Fou, or the Olympic Games. As an advisor or within his own teams, he achieved several world records for the largest projected image: the Image Mill in 2008, The Eiffel Tower in 2009, The Circle of Light in Moscow in 2015.
His sense of challenge and his taste for living it collectively find ground for exaltation there! The company “Cosmo AV”, which he created in 2003 with his acolyte Joseph Cristiani, is bubbling with emulation born of challenges taken up around the world to sublimate or tell about heritage riches, whether nestled or admired in the 4 corners of the globe.

Loïc GAUCI – Art Director
Passionate about cinema and special effects. Loïc started as a graphic designer for various advertising projects in the luxury sector alongside brands such as Gucci, Burberry and L’Oréal. He then moved into events and began to produce shows including 3D compositions for the Indochine group for the “Meteor Tour” and “Black City Tour” tours. He joined Cosmo AV as Project Manager and compositing / 3D process specialist. In 2016 he led the creative team in charge of the show “Le Dernier Panache” at Puy du Fou. This show combines multiple techniques: matte paint, 2D, compositing, 3D animation and filming in 6K RED.
His mastery of animation software and his sense of image lead him to the management of many projects as well as the follow-up of teams.

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