Get ready for an immersive journey inspired by the dreamlike landscapes and surreal settings of Lewis Carroll, presented to the audience through spectacular digital installations. 

The Italian artist Alice Felloni has designed a series of site-specific installations to introduce adults and children to the world of digital art through a modern interpretation of the characters and scenes pictured in the masterpiece ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Get ready to take part in Tea Time with the Mad Hatter, meet the Cheshire Cat in the disillusioned forest, visit the White Rabbit’s AI painting collection and discover the secret hidden among the cards of the Queen of Hearts…




Alice Felloni is a visual artist who has focused her interest since 2009 on digital art in the field of video projections.

From architectural video mapping to visual art up to stage mapping working for well-known brands such as Heineken, Formula E, Fendi, Sky and many others;

She also deals with the artistic part as a video designer in the entertainment world of the Italian music scene. In 2016 she won the 1st prize in the vj contest of video art of the Signal Festival in Prague.

From 2016 to today she has been a professor at the IED University of Rome.

She teaches visual art and architectural videomapping in the university video design and media design courses. See more