The Spooky Night Show

In the dark woods of an isolated village, creepy noises stem from a gloomy uninhabited manor. The wind slams and rushes through the windows whistling in the corridors.
Creaking floorboards and squeaking doors reveal disturbing shapes wandering aimlessly. Rumors have it that dreadful ghosts and spirits took up residence there years ago.  No one ever dares to venture near the spooky dwelling until now…



David Ronhel
David has been a Digital Creative Director for over 20 years. Hisinnovative and pioneering work has been exhibited around the world and has earned him the most prestigious awards (FWA, Webby, Awwwards).
After several years as a creative leader for major luxury brands and a mission in the fashion industry in Japan, David founded HKI with his partner Nathalie Melato. Creative director and founder of Hellohikimori, David is passionate about leading his team on exciting and creative projects.

Solyne Loyer
At HKI for 8 years, Solyne has been involved in the development of creative concepts and the production of projects.
She has developed expertise in 3D and motion design. At HKI, she works with the creative team on motion design projects, video production, immersive concepts, and web sites. Passionate about images and storytelling, she loves to give her projects real meaning and always seeks innovation in its creative process.

Mathilde Lier
Artistic Director & Motion Designer at HKIfor 8 years, Mathilde participates in the elaboration of the concepts and the production of projects.
Creative ,passionate about motion design and graphic design globally, she explores creation & technology on all types of media, in order to give life to stories and brand universes. She has a special affinity with abstract art animation, immersive concepts, photography and digital experiences.

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