How do we experience the World?

By experiencing our senses and making sense of things.

SENSE(S) is a project that aims to connect each sense to its environment. 

The idea is to represent the internal perceptions of the human being with the external sensations of the world around us: the retina of the eye and the nebula, the taste buds and spores of the flora, the synaptic connections of the body and the roots of plants…….

Five senses to make sense with the world.

This is the first research of this project.


Leslie Epsztein

Leslie Epsztein

Born in Bordeaux, Leslie Epsztein is a french artist specialised in projection mapping.

She worked for “Chartres en Lumières” and “La Fête des Lumières” in Lyon in 2016, where she co-produced “Voyage” with Camille Gross on St Paul’s station. The project also travelled to Quito in Ecuador and London.

Since then, she has participated in several festivals such as “Helios Festival” in Avignon (France), “Light Move Festival” in Lodz (Poland) and Lumiere Durham (UK).