ORCHA —103 was thought and designed during the end of the Covid-19 pandemic.
After that long crisis, the cultural life gradually reborn. Despite the sanitary restrictions,
cultural places and events were reopening slowly.
It is in this context of transition that this musical and light installation takes place.

ORCHA—103 is a visual and musical interactive installation which invites its users to play the role of a conductor.
It aims to make the creation of electronic music accessible and to support the cultural places in their reopening by integrating
a technology that respects the barrier gestures.



Minor Lazer is composed of 5 creative designers and developers.
The collective was formed in 2021 as part of a graduation project and focuses on creating interactive installations around music and light.
From their multi-disciplinary background including mapping, live shows, installations, video, CGI and interactive innovations, they teamed up to create ORCHA —103.

Jonah ALLE MONNE → Developer, electronic engineer
Rémy BOURÇOIS → Designer
Baptiste LEFEBVRE → Designer
Tristan LE MOIGNE → Developer
Émile ROCH → Developer