Neon Storyboarding is an Interactive Motion detecting installation capable of converting scenes and real-time video into an erratic sketch-style storyboard effect with neon-coloured strokes. 

The installation suggests that real life is a fully rendered simulation; whereas the projection gives a glimpse of real life in its conceptual sketched storyboard form, the same that animators make during the pre-production phase of their work. The neon style has been chosen to stand out and recall the Bright festival themes. 

For this project, Jasan Waldura used Touchdesigner and wrote and compiled a bunch of GLSL and python codes. These passages allow an in-depth detection that captures the surroundings and the light bouncing off the objects.


Audio credit: Zuomarage

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Jasan Waldura is an interactive designer, a creative coder and a multimedia editor who just loves to create visuals and graphics according to what he imagines or is whimsically inspired by. 


He studied animation and graphic design at St. Joseph’s College (B.voc animation) in Bengaluru, and Web Development and Front End Development at Le Wagon in Berlin. 


He began his career in high school working as a creative freelancer managing photos and video shoots. He now masters graphic design, animations and UI/UX design. He showcased his works in several renowned art exhibitions such as the Broke Artist collective, Neo Shibuya 30 seconds museum, London Design Biennale, PolyOne launch show, the Holy Art Gallery in London and Tokyo Lights Festival. 


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