NEOCYCLE questions the symbiosis, transformation and metamorphosis of one entity creating another.

Belonging to a continuity; nature, human and artificial intelligence reach their climax by being instances of the same cycle. What’s Next after AI?

The creation of an infinite digital nature as a dreamland of hopes.



Superbien is a global creative Studio for extended Experiences that produces international award-winning projects merging digital and physical environments. We specialize in immersive experience design, combining a compelling narrative, thoughtful scenography, visual content & the latest in digital technology to create augmented spaces that will invite the audience into a world they’ve never known before. Artistic practice is at the core of our studio as we develop art projects that extend our ongoing interests in exploring the confluence of nature, science, artificial intelligence, and human perception. 

Drawing on an experimental set of visual storytelling practices – from video, animation, gaming, AR, VR and creative data manipulation – we seek to transform architectural settings and public spaces into textured, dream-like interactive experiences.

Using new technologies to transform individual and collective experience of time and space, SUPERBIEN creates digital art, interactive sculptures, performances, and environments that center audiences within a set of circumstances that challenge the notions of our everyday.