The influence of Blue


The Möbius consortium presents an extraordinary immersive art project inspired by the fantasy “Influence of Blue” (Giulio Ravizza, 2020). 

The colour blue disappears from the world and people fall into a seemingly paradisiacal, phlegmatic state without drive, aggression, or passion, and AI intelligence takes over the world.
Only the protagonist Mehmet investigatively discovers a small oasis in Constantinople where the blue still exists and is faced with a big decision. 

Should he restore life with this colour?

Artists: Franz Fischnaller & Rupert Hüber

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The show will be presented inside the brand-new Mobile Immersive Box designed by the Kunstkraftwerk’s team of designers.

The MIB is designed for creating immersive exhibitions and shows, whether you’re planning an immersive show, looking to tour an existing artist’s production, or in need of space-saving solutions like indoor room-in-room or outdoor exhibition extensions to surprise your visitors.