JARDÍN is an interactive installation that transports participants to a surreal environment, where they can bring to life a garden by moving through the space. Depending on their movements, plants will react differently, allowing for diverse experiences to arise. Flowers, plants and fungi sprout, grow and fade along with the trail of people.

JARDÍN is a playful space, mediated by a technological component, where multiple people can interact at the same time. The audience acts as a kind of composer, reconfiguring the space and creating unique experiences. This is a project that makes us reflect upon our relationship with life and nature, on how humans affect the environment in which we live and how we interconnect with each other. It is a technological experience that becomes a social mediator, where the act of participating and connecting with more people makes the garden flourish even more beautifully. It is through our movement, through the performative act of walking, running, jumping or dancing that we can bring life to this space. Life that flourishes as quickly as it withers. Fragile and beautiful at the same time, this is the ephemeral quality that makes JARDIN surreal. The installation cycles between three different ambiances. There is the garden during the day, the garden at night and, between these two scenes, there is an abstract space of interactive flowers. Each scene has distinct visuals and sound design.



Timbo is a multimedia studio dedicated to the creation, development and production of animation, special effects, live shows and interactive installations. Our team is always focused on experimentation and supporting innovative and exciting projects. Timbo’s ambition is to push the established boundaries in the field of animation and special effects by injecting our work with a lot of art and poetry.


Daniel Shambo, creative director, is an interactive experience designer passionate about the world of animation. He is interested in the intersections of different disciplines such as design, art, biology and technology. His work uses several media, analog and digital alike. This versatile skill set has allowed him to participate in a wide variety of projects, ranging from interactive installations and projection mappings to short films and animated videoclips.