Time, Space, wonder


Jump into a borderless universe and push the limits of reality with the Immersive Mirror Room , designed to take visitors into the infinity space of art!

Stefano Fake presents his two brand new artworks to take visitors on a journey through time and space.

EMPTY ROOM LIGHT WAVES (2004-2023) spans two decades, transporting the audience on a cosmic exploration to uncover the essence of light and matter: boundless energy, limitless frequency, infinite time, infinite space.

The second artwork is an AIDA – Artificial Intelligence Digital Artwork, premiered at the Bright Festival this year.

By using software that harnesses machine learning and data processing, Botticelli’s Venus is reimagined, redesigned, and remixed by the computational algorithms employed by Stefano Fake. The result is a striking fusion of classical elegance and contemporary beauty…



Award-winning studio specializing in videoart, videomapping, immersive experiences and new media art projects.

THE FAKE FACTORY created visuals and curated visual installations for public and private institutions in prestigious contexts worldwide.

Its founder, Stefano Fake, is currently one of the main Italian representatives of the new digital art form known as IMMERSIVE ART EXPERIENCE, and he created some of the most successful exhibitions in the world.