Introduction to visual programming with TouchDesigner


This introduction to visual programming with Touchdesigner aims to enable anyone to start playing with Touchdesigner and enjoy it from day one.

Learn the basic concept of (visual) programming, how to use the interface and understand the basic terminology.

Sequencing Shows and Installations with TouchDesigner


TouchDesigner allows artists to create a beautiful, creative mess. Everything connects to everything and it’s easy to experiment with interactivity and generative media in unforeseen ways. 

Stefan Kraus will explain how to set up projects in an optimized and reliable way…

How to use Ableton to program interactive and multimedia experiences.


Meet one of the greatest Ableton-certified experts in Germany and increase your expertise with one of the top software in sound design and music production! 

An intensive studio session to learn how to use Ableton to program interactive and multimedia experiences, even with no prior programming experience…