Hakan Lidbo & Per-Olov Jernberg

This exhibition is created by Rumtiden Idea Lab in Stockholm Sweden.
The founder artist and inventor Håkan Lidbo has collaborated mainly with creative technologist Per-Olov Jernberg. Light- and data visualisation artist Jaime Reyes contributes with a unique piece.

The ambition is to create a space where all pieces are depending on all other pieces. Where they engage in a conversation in light and music that is constantly changing. The sound and lights are everywhere and the visitors compose their own experience with their movements and positions. Some pieces react when the visitors move, some depends on the visitors to interact and play.

Music is by nature invisible and light is by nature silent, but in this exhibition Rumtiden aims to give a body to the music and a voice to the light.

Music is both sound and silence. Light art is also darkness.
In this exhibition the most important thing is to listen and look, not to understand or to make sense.

By Rumtiden Idea Lab Stockholm; Håkan Lidbo, Per-Olov Jernberg, Jaime Reyes and many more.

About the pieces:

Light and music performed as a 3 dimensional choreography and a conversation in a strict linear grid.
By Håkan Lidbo & Per-Olov Jernberg 2021


A light and music as a sculpture, performing a choreography and a conversation in a non-linear and slightly chaotic configuration.
By Håkan Lidbo & Per-Olov Jernberg 2021


Layers of holograms in a dark room, telling a story, performing a dance about evolution and the search for an optimal shape.
By Per-Olov Jernberg & Håkan Lidbo 2021


A light cube with infinite reflections of itself, reacting to anyone coming close with light and music, inviting everyone to look into the the abyss.
By Per-Olov Jernberg, Mikael Sjösten & Håkan Lidbo 2021


A geometric shape of light, floating above the water. The music mimicking the beat of a heart or a non human breath, distorting the reflections with deep frequencies.
By Håkan Lidbo & Per-Olov Jernberg 2021


512 LED lights in a dark tunnel, dancing with light and music, communicating with abstract animations and sounds. Spoken language is non-dimensional, written language is 2-dimentionsal but this entity communicates in 3d. What is it trying to say?
By Per-Olov Jernberg & Håkan Lidbo 2021


Layers of holograms performing a choreography of abstract patterns, communicating with the surrounding pieces and their music. Maybe a future TV format with abstract graphics and music on every channel.
By Håkan Lidbo & Mikael Sjösten 2021


Wating: M.O.A.
Complex visualizations created by simple basic shapes, expressing the emotions of Jaime Reyes when waiting for the birth of his first child. Synchronized with sounds and music.
By Jaime Reyes & Håkan Lidbo 2021


This is a board game where 2 people play with polarized light. The board is only visible through the pieces, showing the players how the pieces may move in every given moment. The board change pattern every 10 seconds following a certain cycle – so the players need to predict the future in order to master the game.
The rules are very simple; each piece can move one step in the same direction as the animation inside the piece. If the animation is still, it may not move. 1 move per 10 seconds/music cycle. The first player with only 1 piece left lose the game.
By Håkan Libo, Farzaneh Farkish and Mikael Sjösten 2018


Barcode Music Chess
A music game where 2 players take turns to create a musical phrase by scanning the codes as they wish. Scanning the same code multiple times create various loops. Both players always win. Remember to listen as much as you play.
By Håkan Lidbo & Dennis Malm 2021


Microtonal Multiplayer Koto
A string instrument, with 12 playable sections, not possible to tune to traditional scales. The visitors are invited to explore new, ever changing, unknown harmonies. Remember to listen as much as you play.
By Håkan Lidbo & Konrad Kienitz 2020


3 music boxes playing random notes in the soundscape of the room. Light is reflected and refracted, creating create slowly changing patterns though the punched cards.
By Håkan Lidbo & Mikael Sjösten 2021


3 small spheres perform a gravitational dance in a dark room, triggered by the visitors, and at the same time create a spatial sound scape, best enjoyed with eyes closed.
By Håkan Lidbo & Mikael Sjösten 2021


A purple laser, dangereous if it hits your eyes, pointing straight onto a photoluminescent material. Give it a short and gentle touch and let gravity create the art. The light patterns stays visible for a few minutes but then they are gone forever.
By Håkan Lidbo & Mikael Sjösten 2021

Silent Score
This is the score for a piece of music that doesn’t exist. No one have ever played it and it has never been heard. The performers have to sit down, follow the score and perform the music they imagine for themselves inside their minds.
By Håkan Lidbo 2021


This 35 minutes show is included in every Day & Night Tour tickets.

Supported by The Swedish Art Grants Committee and The Swedish Honorary Consulate in Leipzig.