Sjoerd van der Sanden

Holding a BA in Music, an MA in Arts and a PGCert, Sjoerd has been an Ableton Live Certified Trainer since 2012. He has been travelling the globe for over 10 years, playing immersive, multi-media techno and ambient Live sets as a solo artist. He toured as a drummer in an American indie-rock band and composed songs as a keys & synth player in an Irish dub band. Currently, he is an avant-garde soloist performing live electronics with symphony orchestras.

Certified Trainer

Ableton makes products for music makers to create, produce and perform music. These include Live, a software that combines traditional studio technologies with the freedom of working without a timeline; Push, a hardware instrument for hands-on playing and composing with Live; and Link, a technology that allows multiple devices to play in time together over a wireless connection.

Ableton was founded in 1999 by musicians in need of new creative tools. The first version of Live was released in 2001.

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