[NOT] YOUR NATURE is proof of that artistic practice characterized by the increasingly present disciplinary interconnection aiming at redefining a new concept of nature hybridized by the technological component; therefore, it represents an overturning of the idea of nature itself, a journey that starts from the concept of nature and ends with its redefinition through the technological medium.


Although computers have abilities that far exceed ours, they still do not have that aesthetic sensitivity of a human being; by exploring the languages arising from the encounter of nature and technology, the artists featured in [NOT] YOUR NATURE try to investigate these two opposite perspectives.

Reasoned Art is the first Italian startup dedicated to crypto art, digital art certified and sold via blockchain and NFT technology.

By adopting an onlife approach that combines tradition and innovation, Reasoned Art selects the best national and international artists, organizes events and exhibitions to give value to their creations, and manages the NFT sales process through its marketplace.