Inside is an Immersive art project that employs Visual and Audio media to drown the audience into a world of change and stability at the same time. Inside has been designed to take the audience to a level of mindfulness that allows the mind to bypass thinking. More precisely, by only being (walking around the space, listening to the sounds, and watching the world of Inside) audience can experience, feel, and, hopefully, enjoy the environment.

Optimistically, this project will create an environment for the audience where they can feel free of thoughts and travel to their own world of INSIDE. The way audience interprets this artwork shows their current state of mind. Although, regardless of any meaning, INSIDE might only be an aesthetically appealing opportunity to escape from the crowdedness of thoughts and the routine of everyday life.


My name is Armin Parhiz and I am an Artist and the founder of UNRULABLE Inc. My true passion is blending different types of Art and transfering my thoughts and ideas through different media.
As an artist I have tasted and experimented with different types of media like Music (Piano, Vocals, and a few other instruments), Theater (Acting, Directing, and …), Writing, CG Arts, Coding, and Electronics. In summary, I consider myself a New Media Artist since I believe it can be the combination of everything I do all at once.


Mani Salehi found himself talented in a family where music was a very important element of their lifestyle. He started to play the piano when he was 7. Getting older as a teenager, he was passionate about discovering the music world and started to gain experience playing different musical instruments such as Guitar and Violin. Meanwhile, he established a music-recording studio using well-known DAWs and got involved in film scoring and sound designing for short and long films.