Daniel Dalfovo

Daniel Dalfovo is a Media Artist based in Berlin. After his studies at the University of the Arts his work focused around the intersection of art, technology and science. From this interdisciplinary genre grew a body of work and collaborations with internationally renowned artist, research institutions and design studios. Additionally Daniel Dalfovo taught at multiple universities, ranging from Moscow and Shanghai to Berlin. Next to his work as Media Artist he recently founded ATELIER E, an interdisciplinary space for creative technologies and new media.

Since more than 10 years Daniel Dalfovo develops multimedia art, concepts and software. From audio-visual performances and interactive installations to aesthetic research and data driven design, his work lives and unfolds with and in space. With a strong computational design approach his interests lie in the investigation of new technologies and their immanent tone and presence. Consequently Daniel Dalfovo uses a variety of different approaches, whether using light as medium or space expanding video-projections, his artistic work is a constant exploration and experiment.


Skalar by Christopher Bauder and Kanding Ray – Ⓒ Ralph Larmann
Deep Web by Christopher Bauder and Robert Henke – Ⓒ Ralph Larmann
Brainpalace_Daniel Dalfovo ⒸDaniel Dalfovo
D-I-E Daniel-Dalfovo ⒸDaniel Dalfovo

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