(Light Tent World)

The toys of our past are linked to memories. In this children’s room, space is reimagined to reveal a mystery. Can you unravel all the secrets?

As a student project, five Game Design students from the Macromedia  University of Applied Sciences Leipzig developed this mysterious room full of discoveries from childhood.



Jasmin Braun – Sound Design

Alina Roegner – Artist

Pia Wukasch – Level Desing

Leonie Derrenbecher – Adobe operator

Emilia Weigelt – Project manager & Engine operator


(Light Tent World)

“Hochschule Macromedia (Macromedia University of Applied Sciences) is a private educational institution with a wide range of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes.

Our focus is on the areas of media, design and coding. The main theme is always digital transformation.”

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