In seemingly unsettling times, soothing is in vogue. Mindfulness, CBD oil and ASMR videos help an overtaxed society to sedate itself. Out of this context, artist Betty Mü plays with the genre of Oddly Satisfying Videos. Within a viscous substance a fascinating microcosm swims past the viewer: floral arrangements, sinuous shells, shimmering insects. The artist deliberately sets a counterpoint in the immersive space. Where computer animations and digital effects otherwise predominate, she shows the organic, the intuitive, the hand-filmed. Calming down and lulling, however, are not her intentions when she confronts her images with the jarring industrial sound of the musician Mortel (Martin Peter of Black Gain).


Betty Mü is a German video installation and projection artist who disrupts the two-dimensionality of classical projection. Her imaginative, poetic style and clear installation concepts have been shown internationally and nationally at numerous specialized festivals, exhibitions and events. // Betty Mü grew up in Munich. In 1995 she moved to New York where she worked as an art director and took courses at New York University and the School of Visual Arts. She experimented with Super 8 and started with video and live visuals. After 6 years Betty returned to Munich where she continued her experience as a live visualist and started with video installations. // She combines excellent technical skills with many years of experience as a club visualist and belongs to the female avant-garde of digital media art and visualization. Her works always captivate with high-quality aesthetics and playful handling of material, light and space.    IG    FB