Creative Direction: Jonas Denzel

Sound: Sören Schaudel

beatbox is an interactive projection. Hands knock, rub and clap on the facades and transform the Maschinenhalle into a body of light and sound. They also create different sound shapes which will finally compose a rousing beat. Gestures invite the audience to respond to the beat and thus become part of the rhythm. The Maschinenhalle itself becomes a percussion instrument.

Also I would like to document the work. Is there a possibility to film and photograph the work? Or will your team document the projects?

Is there a possibility for sound and visual check on Thursday before the event kicks off? We will arrive Thursday at 3pm at Leipzig, so we could be at the location at 4.30pm.

Further I would like to let you know that the work is stroboscopic, in case for epilepsy warning.


Jonas Denzel (*1990) is a filmmaker and visual artist with a focus on projection mapping, video installation, and documentary film. In 2016, he received a Fulbright Scholarship and studied Film and Media Arts at Temple University in Philadelphia. In 2018, Denzel completed his master’s degree in “Time-based Media” at the Hochschule Mainz with distinction. Commissioned works for public, urban spaces in Karlsruhe, Weimar and Chicago (US), among others, followed. The artist lives and works in Karlsruhe.