Creative Direction: Jonas Denzel

Sound: Sören Schaudel

beatbox is an interactive projection. Hands knock, rub and clap on the facades and transform the Maschinenhalle into a body of light and sound. They also create different sound shapes which will finally compose a rousing beat. Gestures invite the audience to respond to the beat and thus become part of the rhythm. The Maschinenhalle itself becomes a percussion instrument.


Jonas Denzel (*1990) is a filmmaker and visual artist with a focus on projection mapping, video installation, and documentary film. In 2016, he received a Fulbright Scholarship and studied Film and Media Arts at Temple University in Philadelphia. In 2018, Denzel completed his master’s degree in “Time-based Media” at the Hochschule Mainz with distinction. Commissioned works for public, urban spaces in Karlsruhe, Weimar and Chicago (US), among others, followed. The artist lives and works in Karlsruhe.