Dance snippets

The work pushes the boundaries of three artistic disciplines colliding and embraces the co-presence of the virtual and material reality layers that surround us every day.
Bricks become pixels and high resolution moving images become coarse-meshed color patterns, changing and re-arranging according to the dancer’s movements.
Visitors are exposed to the tension of never being able to see all the content at once.


concept & art direction: Julian Hölscher
sound design: Thomas Werner
performers: Mimi Jeong, Ruth Conradi, Frank Könen


Julian Hölscher’s work emerges from the interplay between the fields of technology and audiovisual communication. He works as a freelance graphic and motion designer. In 2012 Julian also joined the artists’ collective URBANSCREEN as an art director. He currently develops concepts for cross-media installations around the globe – always with a keen sense for the respective context.