KINETICShow was born from the idea of ​​Alessio De Simone, Stefano Cazzullo and Gian Paolo Ottolini. Specialized in the field of Kinetic Art, KINETICShow represents the Italian reference point in the kinetic arts, innovative, technological light installations with a strong emotional impact. Complex kinetic shows realized thanks to the latest generation Winches, innovative concepts such as the products of the KINETICRobot series, machines with moving mechanical arms designed to create exciting kinetic shows, robotic movements in harmony with the design of the pixel to pixel dynamic led lamps. The KINETICEffect series offers winch solutions with roof positioning and based on moving light objects such as KINBall, our spheres of Light, KIN3angle, the kinetic installation of triangular RGB multi winches, KINLaser, the union between kinetic movements and tracking laser, KINTube led tubes with double winches, KINPlexi the perfect dynamic display for product displays, KINMirror the magic of light reflections. KINETICShow, the kinetic revolution!   IG    FB   YT