MESH is a technological net that moves, rotates, expands and squeezes and through which visual, sound and spatial informations travel, generating multiple deformations of an apparently solid and non-deformable structure.


A structured and solid vision needs multiple inputs to get warping and adapting to the best form; as well in the human thought and philosophy everything can be caged in a static form that confines us within well-defined perimeters, but if we allow ourselves to be influenced by external signals, such as a rotation, the perception that we’ll have of our network will be shifting and it’ll seem moving and adapting to the contemporaneity that is liquid, formless and ready to expand and squeeze at any moment.


Expect Nothing is a creative studio based in Milan, working in Lighting Design ,Light Art, Set Design, Multimedia Arts and Interactive Systems.
Founded in 2010 by Feliciano (Felix) Musillo and Serena Raso, both graduates with master’s degrees in Lighting Design at Milan Polytechnic, over the years has specialized in the field of Entertainment, Show Design and Light Art
All the projects realized in the last years have been developed with an eye to the future, keeping technological innovation, the reduction of emissions and the development of new light sources as a fixed goal. For this reason, the most used technology in the set-ups, studied and implemented, is the LED technology which gives the possibility to have lower power consumption and a much longer life.
The Lighting Design projects produced till today have always had a strong connection with another ephemeral element, the music.
Research and innovation constitute a fixed unicum for Expect Nothing, they always are the lighthouse that drive every project conceived and created.    IG    FB     VIMEO