Description of a dream

What is seen in the regular and organized dream and the other contexts of revelation, it’s an absolute truth that when poured in to language or image, it takes different forms. In fact what the viewer seen in the dream the outer layer is an absolute truth that exists somewhere is in subconscious. The dream and what is represented to man it’s a common reality in the human psyche and in can be a platform for a Archetypes and a suitable arena for revealing subconscious and hidden thoughts in the lower layers of the human psyche.


Mohamad Rajabi (born in 1989, Iran) is a musician, visual artist, and animator.
He started his artistic career in 1995 by learning music. He has been active in the fields of audiovisual,
making teasers, animation, and music since 2007.
His artworks refer to the disappearance of contemporary, the influence of man, and the elements of the universe. By coding his works for the audience, he tries to solve (respond) the questions which are
existed in his works.