On the occasion of the festival bright festival in Leipzig, the Berlin based artist Philipp Geist developed an audio-visual pure abstract geometric video installation. With sound  generative digital picture compositions he shows an abstract cosmos of rough black and white structures, lines and shapes. The sound is developed by the noise sound artist Ilpo Väisänen (Pan Sonic/ Angel/ Finland). The AV installation work is about 3 minutes long. There is an interplay with the 360 room architecture, with the abstract generative work and the sound. Geist’s projects are primarily characterized by their complexity in the integration of space, sound and moving images.

His works have a painterly, compositional approach to overlays, structures and graphic elements. His video mapping installations transform a wide variety of architectures in urban space into moving, painterly light sculptures that challenge the viewer’s perception of two- and three-dimensionality. Philipp Geist started 25 years ago his career. He is one of the pioneers of video mapping.



ilpo väisänen (Angel/ Pan-Sonic) Finnland


Philipp Geist lives and works in Berlin since 1999.
The Berlin based artist Philipp Geist works internationally with the media of video/light installation, photography and painting. Geist´s projects are characterized by their complexity and the integration of the location, the sound and moving images. Since his career started, Geist won many international award and is now considered one of the most prominent digital art studios in Germany.

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