For Bright Festival, Xenorama transforms their live performance “The Ever Changing Light” into an immersive 360 degree projection. The work, created as part of the retrospective of the late painter Karl Hagemeister at Potsdam Museum, expands and transforms the atmospheric space and aesthetics of the impressionist’s œuvre into the digital world.

The visitor is taken on a sensory journey of the apparent dichotomy of natural and artificial representation. Spread across the walls of Kraftwerk Leipzig the paintings are being analysed, remapped and dispersed into individual particles, further rearranged, layered and reassembled. In an unfolding of landscapes suffused with light and shadow and captured with larger-than-life brushstrokes, the mood of the paintings is captured by a musical composition that intertwines an impressionist piano piece and an arrangement of digital sounds with the visual projections to create a poetic spatial experience.


How to form a space poetically by means of modern media?


Embracing this challenge, Xenorama develops various forms of expression situated at the interface of film, sound, installation and performance.

With their individual voices and creative specialities, the five artists combine modern media technology with their passion for digital narratives and a highly-developed sense of atmospheric dramaturgy. Their stages are the theatre and the public space, architecture, sculptures, organic structures or even the human body.


Fundamental to their work is a context- and site-specific approach, integrating the characteristics of a given space and the entities related to it. The space is thereby recontextualised, animated and transformed to be experienced anew. Their art goes beyond mere spectacle — eliciting an echo within the local discourse, while individual spectators may occasionally lose their perception of space and time on their sensory

journeys. Xenorama’s diverse projects have been exhibited worldwide and achieved numerous national and international awards, including the Japan Media Award, the Lumen Prize Short List, the Micromapping Award Girona and the Designpreis Brandenburg.